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Build your SILAGE CLAMP in 3 easy steps

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1. Build your silage clamp

Tip: use the feed calculator to work out the storage space you will need for your feed.

What are you planning to store?

Desired number of bays

Partitioning wall

Left exterior wall

Right exterior wall

Silage clamp dimensions

Verschillende afmetingen

Heeft u verschillende afmetingen per silo?
Verstuur dan per verschillende afmeting de configuratie, en voeg bij de opmerkingen in stap 3 toe dat het om één silo gaat met verschillende afmetingen.


Want different dimensions for each bay? Then send a configuration for each different set of dimensions.


Axle load

How do I determine the axle load?

Rim distance
The rim distance is the distance between the tyre of the vehicle (e.g. a tractor) and the rim of the retaining wall.

Axle load
The axle load is the weight of a vehicle that is transferred to the substrate via the wheels of one axle.

Optimal feed preservation
A high axle load combined with a low rim distance is needed to optimise the preservation of your feed. This will also make your silo more practical and safer.
Bosch Beton’s strongest wall can therefore be driven on directly with an axle load of 20 tonnes and with no minimum rim distance.

Successful lobbying
In early 2015 Bosch Beton launched a lobbying campaign to make a rim distance of 0 cm compulsory. Our aim here was to improve the quality and safety of bunker silos. This lobbying campaign was successful and since 1 August 2015 Kiwa has included a rim distance of 0 cm in its evaluation guideline. Take a look at our white paper for more information on how this change was brought about.

2. Options

The choices you make here do not affect the 3D illustration.



Lateral drainage

For separating water and effluent in your bunker silo

Lateral drainage is a new drainage system that is integrated into the retaining wall itself. It functions and is applied in the same way as our standard drainage system, allowing you to switch between drainage of water and effluent quickly and easily. Clear colour-coding is used with this system too so the drainage status is visible at a glance. Drainage pipes leading to the desired discharge points need to be installed on the outside of the retaining walls. These can be connected to the retaining walls easily.

Bosch Beton drainage system

The ideal solution for separating water and effluent

This simple system allows the farmer to separate clean and contaminated water quickly and easily. The drainage status is visible at a glance thanks to the clear colour-coding. In the first few weeks after it was launched we sold this drainage system in large numbers.

According to Broos Water, the Bosch Beton drainage system is ‘a sustainable and robust solution for separating clean and contaminated water in a feed storage environment’. In the opinion of the Vallei en Veluwe Water Board, the Bosch Beton drainage system is.


  • Separate clean and contaminated water quickly and easily
  • Drainage status is visible at a glance thanks to colour-coding
  • No need to install pipes underneath your bunker silo
  • Suitable for level and sloped bunker silos
  • Suitable for immediate installation, including in pre-existing bunker silos
  • Gutters can be used with all types of flooring
  • Gutter units can be connected quickly and easily and are immediately liquid-proof
  • Suitable for axle loads of up to 20 tonnes

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3. Your details

Send your configuration and you will receive a non-binding quote including a customised 3D drawing within 3 working days.

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